Category: Interior Painting

You may have an idea of what you want your painted house to look like, but have you settled on every color you are going to use? There are probably a few different areas you want to paint, and you may not want them all to be in the same shade or the same color. You also want to ensure that whatever color you choose for the main painting you will be doing works well with the colors already in place in the room. It should not clash with the floor, ceiling or decor, and that can mean performing a serious balancing act.

Coordinating Colours
One of the better ways to choose a few different paint colors for the same space is to use different shades of your main color. You probably already know what color is going to be your primary focus, but there would be molding, window sills, floors, ceilings and other aspects of the room that you want to paint in a different color from your main one. That’s going to mean picking another color that you like and that works well with whatever your main color is. The easiest way to pull it all together and make for effortless coordination is to use two different shades. So, a lighter shade can be your main color and a darker shade your secondary color.

inside house paintingContrasting Colours
To add some more energy to a room, you can use two colors that contrast with one another. Teal and orange, for example, are at opposite ends of the color spectrum. You can find other matches like this by looking up an image of a color wheel. This will help create the kind of atmosphere that you want, and you ought to be aware of how different colors interact and the kinds of moods they can create.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks
Did you know that the majority of people have white walls in their home? That can work well for some houses, but it seems very risk averse. It seems like the homeowner could not settle one color that they would be sure would look great, and so they went with the easiest option.

If you want more excitement in your rooms and would like to bring out some personality in them, then you need to be willing to take some risks. Yes, not every color combination you create is probably going to look great, but at least the room will not be boring. It’s okay to experiment sometimes and see how a particular color looks in the room before you decide to start all over again from scratch. This is going to be a great way to find bold choices that really make your house pop with color and vibrancy.

We hope some of these suggestions help you to make the best decision for colors to be used in your home. Use these as a launching pad to decide on exactly the kind of color scheme you want to go with.