Common Mistakes in Surface Preparation for House Painting

If you try to paint your house yourself, you can be in for a rewarding experience, and it can feel great to have the entire house painted on your own.

However, if you fail to properly prepare the surface you are going to paint, then your paint job may not last very long or look very good.

We are going to go over a few surface preparation mistakes that people make when they are house painting. Hopefully, this list should help you avoid making some mistakes of your own and ensure that if you hire someone to pant the house for you, that you know what kind of mistakes to look for.

Not Sanding
Many times, the outside surface of a house will be too rough in places for paint to be properly applied. The paint may cover that spot for a while, but it won’t take hold like it is supposed to, if the area is too rough. You can fix that by sanding down any rough patches with sandpaper or similar materials. You want as smooth a surface as possible, and it may not be feasible to get a perfectly smooth surface, but if you can get as close to that as you are able, it should be good enough.

Not Clearing off Loose Paint and Spackle
If a homeowner in the past did the house painting themselves or hired a contractor to do the work who did not do a good job, then there may be some loose paint and spackle to deal with on the house’s exterior. That needs to be removed if the new paint is going to stick like it is supposed to. A good painter will remove that excess paint and get rid of the spackle before they start painting, because they want the finished product to be as smooth and as beautiful as possible.

Not Knowing How to Prepare Each Surface
You can’t prepare every surface the same way for painting. Metal, wood and plaster all need different preparation techniques applied to them in order for the surface to be right for painting. For that to happen, you or whoever will be painting needs to know how to treat each surface. You need to know what it takes to get rough spots out of these surfaces and what will prevent paint from staying on for a long period of time.

It takes a lot of work to properly prepare a surface for painting, especially a large surface with a lot of potential problems like a house exterior. This needs to be taken into consideration when you are getting quotes from painters.

There may be tons of work that will need to go into making the surface smooth or fixing mistakes of past paint jobs. You want to be careful about going with a very cheap quote, because it is possible that those painters will make the same mistakes as past ones and not do a very thorough or effective job with your house.